Bridge Cultural Gaps


With Spain being the 2nd most visited country in the world, about 82 million people each year come from around the globe seeking a place to temporarily call home. To distinguish your hotel in this competitive environment, your staff first must be equipped with the cultural intelligence to work fluidly together amidst their diversities with the end goal to exceed guest expectations

We work to foster multicultural unity in areas such as:

The conception of time

Organizational hierarchies

Hotel customer journey mapping

The individualistic vs. collective vision

Communication patterns

Teamwork leadership

Proactiveness vs. reaction

Humane treatment


METAHOTEL works in the identification, distinction and use of cultural differences to offer a solution aligned with each new environment of the entity.

Our knowledge and experience of team emotional intelligence and cultural frameworks – both organizational and territorial – allow us a flexibility that enhances the results of the groups we work with. Through direct experience as hotel managers, our team has a vast understanding of Hotels in Spain, with specialization in the Costa del Sol region.

We add value:

We add value

“The exercises we did during the course gave us the opportunity to be open, share and learn from the point of view of others”

JESSICA MATEO, Head of HR in Spain at MARRIOTT’S SALES & MARKETING, Costa del Sol – Malaga

If you are interested in aligning your hotel towards our proven MetaHotel strategy, begin by starting our free diagnosis or contact our landing experts for more information.

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