About us

Our purpose

At Metahotel, our raison d’être is ambitious: We want to change the mindset of hotel management and hotel staff, putting people and talent in the foreground.

We introduce an employee-centric philosophy to hotels, which shakes up concepts: for us, employees are collaborators and managers are leaders; we don’t like to offer work, we attract talent; we don’t believe in training staff, we achieve a win-win growth for professionals, we don’t give orders, we drive well-being. In short, for us, Human Resources are People Development.

Our purpose

Our raison d’être at Metahotel is ambitious: “To change the mindset of hotel management and the hotel professional, promoting the prominence and talent of human capital”.

We hope to incorporate a philosophy in the hotels Employee Centric, which alters concepts, moving from from employee to collaborator, from boss to leader, from offering work to attracting talent, from staff training to win-win growth for the professional, from mandate to well-being, in short, from Human Resources to People Management.

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Our team

We are executive coaches that specialise in promoting talent, leading from awareness and creating culture in hotels. For this journey towards productivity and emotional well-being, we boast a team of unbeatable professionals and excellent people with more than 30 years of experience in hotel management and operations.

Juan Diego Salinas

Juan Diego is a hotel director, MBA and Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He created Metahotel and has facilitated coaching to MARRIOTT, MELIÁ, LES ROCHES, RIU HOTELS, AMAZON, AMEX and ENDESA. A culture aficionado, Juan Diego has travelled to 66 countries.

Gema Campos

A psychologist, with two Master’s degrees in Human Resources, Gema is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and is Prosci change management certified. She has 15 years’ experience in managing teams at a business level. She is also a lecturer and TV presenter.

Mara Márquez

Mara is a tourism expert, mindfulness consultant and team coach. For more than 20 years, she has developed managerial, organisation and training roles in hotels across Spain. Her optimism and vitality were key to helping her beat cancer.

Jorge Álvarez

Jorge is the Gran Bilbao Hotel Director and a qualified coach. He is inquisitive, creative and innovative. He lives by four values: attitude, passion, consistency and humour. And true to his word, he believes that happy people make profitable businesses.

Minerva Quijera

Minerva is an executive and team coach, and an expert in emotional intelligence, tourism marketing communication and events She has 15 years’ experience in managerial roles and team management at international organisations. Her motto is “1, 2, 3, let’s go!”

Irene Egea Criado

Irene holds a Master’s degree in People and HR Management and is a certified scrum master, an expert in emotional intelligence and an executive systemic coach. She also read Business Studies and has 12 years’ business experience in service companies.

Raquel Lora

With a degree in Tourism and a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the Complutense University of Madrid, Raquel Lora is a marketing consultant specialising in tourism, food and drink and a trainer at several organisations throughout Spain. Her biggest passion is travelling and she already has 40 countries under her belt.


María is an individual and team executive coach. . An International Coaching Federation associate certified coach - ACC, María has 10 years’ experience in the financial world of tourist establishments. She holds a degree in Business Science and is passionate about tourism, smiling and the little things in life.

Cristina Peiró

Cristina Peiró is a hotel and executive certified coach certified known for promoting change in her 3,000 training and consultancy hours and more than 12 years in roles in hotel operations, assistant management, housekeeping and room division management.

Gloria Martínez

A hotel director for 17 years, she holds a Master’s in creative coaching and team coaching. Gloria is a change driver who firmly believes in the power of communication. She loves adding a splash of lemon juice to everything, even crisps: you can take the girl out of Murcia…

Jota Suárez

José Ramón Suárez is a regional sales manager and systemic executive coach. He led excellence at Telefónica for 21 years. He promotes digital transformation based on talent and “digital awareness”. He also wrote a book in Spanish: Entusiasmo.

Alberto Suárez

Alberto is a senior director and systemic coach. He is an executive with 30 years’ experience in multinationals in the Americas and several European countries. He shares his admirable global culture coaching in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Noelia Romero

Consultant, Executive Coach, team coach and trainer, Noelia Romero is MBTI, BELBIN and DISC certified. With 15 years’ business experience, she focuses on leadership development via emotional intelligence and stress management using mindfulness.


METAHOTEL works closely with IT and back office professionals, sales agents and partners who hugely contribute to our coaching team’s work in the bid to provide the very best customer experience.


At Metahotel, we implement corporate strategy in hotels through awareness, leadership and behaviour alignment.

Moreover, we encourage employees to add value to the company by being more involved, creative and maintaining customer service consistency. Together, both approaches guarantee an improved customer experience.


Our goal: to achieve our purpose by also making life easier for those who manage hotel chains and hotels..

Medium-term vision (2025):

  • To continue being the benchmark for hotel coaching, people leadership and talent development in medium-sized and large hotel chains in Spain.
  • To give public recognition to the “Metahotel Credential” obtained by clients.
  • To be present in at least three more countries.

We are known for our actions being COHERENT with our values. This gives us credibility to pass our commitment and sustainability onto our clients. These are the values we relate to:

  • People-driven business orientation.
  • Systemic approach valuing diversity.
  • Striving for a win-win in our interactions with clients and collaborators.
  • Humility-driven excellence through constant client feedback.
  • Humour and conveying enthusiasm.
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Social work

At Metahotel, we are driven to create a better world. That is why we are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goals 1, 3, 4 and 10.

Not only do we undertake sustainable and healthy practices, we also donate modestly.

We donate 1% of our profits to one of the following NGOs:


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