Motivation and well-being in the hotel environment

At Metahotel, we understand that workplace or hotel well-being is, above all, the hotel’s intentional commitment to taking care of its workforce on a physical, emotional, and social level, guaranteeing work-life balance. The consequences of not doing so are all the more evident: talent drain, less involvement, less appeal to new generations or a tarnished corporate image, etc.

That is why we believe that strengthening these aspects with help from specialists in staff motivation, inter-department involvement, absenteeism, sustainability and emotional team management is essential for meeting objectives at a business and human level.

Through this line of action, we endeavour to promote a healthy company philosophy, the maxim being that staff feel looked after and cared for so that their experience is replicated when dealing with guests. They are intangibles that we assess, measure and follow up via assessments.

What we focus on

Who is it for?

Expected outcomes

  • Improved employee well-being
  • Improved performance under pressure
  • More efficient decision making
  • Reduce stress
  • Managing internal conflicts
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Effectively managing customer complaints
  • More effective guest conversations

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